Cheerleading Nashville

Mackenzie Lee Brings the Fire To Page Cheerleading

Story and Interview by Lindsey Harper (SUMMIT, Class of ’21)

Photography by JB Brookman- SENIORITY Senior Pictures


Mackenzie Lee, Page Cheerleader by Seniority Photography.

Mackenzie Lee is a bright and talented Sideline and Competitive Cheerleader. She attends Page High School- finishing up her final semester of Senior Year. Mackenzie is such a bright soul who uses her love for others to help and encourage them, whenever and wherever she can. This girl is so excited to finally wrap up her four years of high school and move on to the next chapter of her life; college!

“Mac” has been either nominated for or has achieved many academic and athletic awards. She has been Nominated for and made the NCA All American Cheer Team all four years of her high school career, while also being Top All American her Senior Year. Mackenzie cheers on a comp Senior 5 All Girl Team as well as being Captain of her Varsity Football Sideline Cheer Squad at Page. While she attends clinics for her potential college choice, Austin Peay, Mackenzie has managed to remain on the A & B Honor roll for all four years of high school. You are a fire in this world and we can’t wait to watch you do great things Mac!

*We photographed Mackenzie, at the Football Stadium at Page High School in Franklin, TN Lindsey interviewed her at a separate time and location in Franklin.

CLOUT- What was the first skill you ever learned and what is your most recent?

Mackenzie- “The very first skill I ever learned was a back handspring… this was when I first started tumbling, but my most recent skill is a whip whip handspring handspring full!”

CLOUT- What is the longest it has ever taken you to learn an individual skill?

Mackenzie- “The longest it has ever taken for me to learn an individual skill is about three years.”

CLOUT- How long have you been competing in all star?

Mackenzie- “I have been competing in All Star Cheer for four years now.”

CLOUT- What are some differences between all star and school cheer?

Mackenzie- “There are several differences between All Star Cheer and Sideline Cheer; Sideline Cheer is more on the “cheering” side of things, the hoop ‘n holler of it all, the screaming and yelling for your home team. You’re cheering for a certain sport and there is less… I don’t want to say skill, but less time involved in the training area of things. All star cheer is very different; this side of cheering is not cheering for anything in particular. It takes tumbling, stunting, dancing, teamwork, as well as other factors, crammed all into one long score sheet. For All Star, you travel to different states to compete against teams for a shot at an even bigger competition at the end of the season. There are hours of training, workouts and literal blood sweat and tears. It is an extreme team oriented sport and takes every single person doing their job come competition day, so your team is ready to hit the mat.”

CLOUT- Do you prefer stunting or tumbling more? Why?

Mackenzie- “It depends what kind of practice I’m having; if I’m having a rough day/ practice then I will normally be really hard on myself and on my tumbling which makes it really hard. Whereas, when I stunt it takes more than one person to make everything work and always makes practice 10x better when your teammates work together to make it work.” 

CLOUT- Do you have anyone you really look up to in the cheer community?

Mackenzie- “Yes, I have several people I look up to, some even being my best friends. There are tons of people my age and older than me that I strive to be like and strive to work as hard as. Just to be like them one day would be such an achievement.” 

CLOUT- What are your favorite aspects of cheering on the sidelines?

Mackenzie- “My favorite aspects of cheering on the sidelines is probably the adrenaline of cheering on your home team. It’s always such a fun time cheering on your school with the rest of the student body.” 

CLOUT- Do you have a specific teammate that has really mentored you through the program? Who and Why?

Mackenzie- “Yes I do, it would actually be a few girls. Erin Holder, Loren Smart and Alexi Smart. I have cheered with all of these girls for quite a long time and they are one of the many reasons why I do what I do. They make me want to be the cheerleader I am today and always push me to be my best me on and off the mat. Not only do I get to call them my best friends, but also my role models.” 

CLOUT- How much time outside of cheer do you spend improving your skills?

Mackenzie- “I spend a lot of time outside my mandatory practices on my skill push. When I’m not at school you will probably find me at a gym. I go to open gyms to work tumbling as well as tumbling classes at my Nolensville gym. I also schedule times to come in with my stunt group to get in the extra practice so we can be the best we can be.” 

CLOUT- What motivates you to continue to cheer?

Mackenzie- “What motivates me to continue cheer is the adrenaline and just the pure joy it brings to me. I love knowing that there is at least one little girl out there that wants to be in my shoes when they get older. I love having little girls come up to me saying that it’s their dream to be a cheerleader, because it was mine at one time as well. I love the team/ family aspect as well; both all star and sideline make the effort to make everyone feel as comfortable as we can since we all spend so much time together.”

CLOUT- In what way does your family support you from the sidelines?

Mackenzie- “My family gives their endless support in my sideline cheer career. They have come to every one of my games and have never complained once about having to come, no matter how long the drive may be. My mom is always trying to help out in any way she can and pitch in with her craftiness wherever she can. She spends so many hours perfecting little gifts for not only my team, but the opposing team as well. My dad and brother have been to so many of my games that they know some of the cheers inside and out. My family is overall extremely supportive of what I do.” 

CLOUT- Are you thinking about potentially cheering for a college team? 

Mackenzie- “I very much am looking into cheering for college; right now I am focused on two colleges to cheer at on the sidelines and competitively which I am very excited as this is my next big goal on my list.” 

CLOUT- Do you have any idea where you want to go to college yet or what you would be interested In majoring in?

Mackenzie- “Yes I have focused on two colleges and have finalized my decision on what I want to major in. I am extremely excited to continue my cheer career as well as majoring in something I am already very interested and passionate about.” 




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