High School Sports, Nashville

CLOUT NASHVILLE Sports Magazine Launches in Williamson County

Premiere Issue, featuring High School Sports in Williamson and Maury Counties to Release in October

The best athletes. The most powerful moments. The electric and heart-tugging stories… You will find them here. High School Sports brings out the best in us. It pushes us, stretches us, challenges us… There will never be a moment like our high school sports career again. We, at CLOUT SPORTS NASHVILLE, want to tell the stories.

BRENTWOOD BRUINETTES by JB Brookman, Seniority

Why do this?

  • Because we believe in this Generation and their power and inclusive spirits and fervor for life and freedom for all. They will change the world.
  • Because our athletes deserve a place to be featured and celebrated for the time and effort and excellence they put in- week in and week out.

CLOUT SPORTS NASHVILLE is founded and created by SENIORITY PHOTOGRAPHY and SENIORITY Senior Pictures. It is owned by JB Brookman, celebrity concert photographer and senior portrait photographer- a 13-year veteran of the industry- both in Los Angeles/Hollywood and Nashville. JB played baseball as a pitcher in high school. He had an award-filled career in college. He even got to be with a minor league team in Pocatello, Idaho for a week, but never got to play (that is a story in itself). SENIORITY’S tagline says it all: ATHLETES. PHOTOGRAPHED. HERE. They feature Legacy Sportraits for high school athletes/cheer/band/guard and musicians. This elite level of photography will be featured in the stories.

JB Brookman, Photographer. Photo by Josh Hanna

We will try to feature every school in Williamson County and will feature athletes from as many sports as possible.

  • We are always looking for student athletes to be nominated for a feature.
  • We are always looking for journalism students to write or help write features and conduct interviews.
  • We are always looking for up and coming student photographers and videographers who want to cover live games/matches.
  • We are always looking for yearbook staff who want to be published and build their portfolios.
  • Contact us at jbbrookmanphotography@gmail.com with any of the above

We will always show the highlights and positive aspects of Sports. There’s too much hate and negativity in this world and we want to be a light in our community!

Come along with us on the journey as we grow!

BRENTWOOD FOOTBALL by JB Brookman, Seniority

Class of 2021, we know the challenges you are facing. These are unprecidented times! You are enduring and doing a great job being safe and thriving during a very hard and disorienting time. We hope that our publication will truly help you document and celebrate 2020- the year like no other!

Story by: JB Brookman

Owner, Seniority Senior Pictures. Hollywood Icon Magazine, Nashville Icon Magazine, Clout Sports Nashville

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